Love me love my robot?

Love me love my robot?

BioCentre’s horizon scanning paper ‘Love me, Love my robot?’ is the primary output of a small research project BioCentre conducted in 2015–16. The purpose of the project was to help build the agenda concerning the key ethical and social issues surrounding the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics in the care of the older person. 

The paper is a horizon scanning paper as opposed to a rigorous and detailed research report. A horizon scanning paper strikes a balance between two tensions: 

  • First the need to make sense of data and information in order to inform better decision–making. 
  • Secondly the need to provoke and disrupt commonly held assumptions, by asking fresh questions with the aim of discovering new insights and gaining better intelligence.

This paper helps to track and make sense of key trends and changes taking place in the field. Based upon the collective intelligence gained through the project’s work packages, the short paper sets out the key questions that help to build the agenda on what needs to be addressed as the pace of change and innovative continues.

A PDF of the report can be downloaded here.




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