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MSc/MRes/PgDip/PgCert in Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics is a scientific discipline, which encompasses all aspects of biological information acquisition, processing, storage, distribution, analysis and interpretation. These programmes, jointly taught with the School of Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics, are designed to provide an overview of current developments, to introduce appropriate and novel tools and techniques from computer science, biology and mathematical statistics, to introduce current uses of bioinformatics in biotechnology, to identify ethical issues and to provide an overview of future technologies for bioinformatics research. In addition, the MSc research project gives students an opportunity to undertake a substantial, individually motivated and practically oriented piece of work, which allows them to apply their knowledge in real biological domains. All modules are ‘blocked’ into short, intensive four-week periods, thereby allowing credit to be accumulated through short-period placements of four weeks by students from industry wishing to update their knowledge and skills base. Modules: 1) Six core modules: Generic/Transferable Skills & Project Planning; Introduction to Bioinformatics Tools and Techniques; Biological Sequence Analysis and Structural Bioinformatics; Machine Learning Techniques for Bioinformatics; Information Systems for Bioinformatics; Biotechnology and Bioethics. 2) Masters Research Project, or Diploma Project. MSc students must take all seven modules (six taught modules and a project). Diploma students take six taught modules and a first stage mini-project. Certificate students take four taught modules.

Institution: Exeter University
Department: School of Biosciences
Entry: At least a 2.ii degree or equivalent in any scientific or engineering discipline, including natural, mathematical and cognitive science. Applications from graduates in non-scientific discipline.
Funding: UK/EU students£3,540 (full-time) £pro-rata credit-based (part-time)International students£10,860 (full-time) £pro-rata credit-based (part-
Starting: October
Address: Hatherly Laboratories, Prince of Wales Road, Exeter, EX4 4PS
Contact: Dr Jamie Stevens
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