Postgraduate Courses

PhD in Pathology

Research in these departments is mainly focused on different aspects of mechanisms of inflammation and cardiovascular pharmacology, with many projects overlapping these two areas. Research encompasses molecular aspects of pharmacology such as the human genetics of hypertension, gene therapy of inflammation, antisense oligonucleotides, and knockout and transgenic models for studying inflammatory disorders; whole animal models of inflammatory and cardiovascular disease; and cell biology techniques for studying cell signalling, gene expression, etc.

Institution: Barts and The London School of Medicine & Dentistry
Department: Division of Pharmacology
Funding: The William Harvey Research Foundation, medical research charities (e.g. British Heart Foundation, Arthritis and Rheumatism Council), School of Medicine and Dentistry.
Address: London EC1A 7BE
Telephone: 020 7601 8603
Contact: Dr Roger Corder,, 020 7882 6083
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