Capacity building for a hyper-human future

BioCentre is a British think-tank focusing on emerging technologies and their ethical, social and political implications.

Developments in science and technology are creating new possibilities for our human future. Some of these changes allow us to manipulate the human body as never before.  BioCentre wants to see these new technologies contribute to a ‘hyper-human’ future – we want to celebrate and cherish the wonders that are the human body and human society.  We want to see science research, medicine and public policy working together towards our common good as embodied human beings.

The Centre was originally established in 1984 in response to public concern over fresh challenges to ethics and policy resulting from emerging technologies. It was therefore one of the earlier centres active in the world of bioethics and biopolicy, and its first public event was a major conference convened to address the Warnock Report (which became the basis for UK policy on in vitro fertilisation and embryo research) shortly after its publication.

BioCentre is a cross disciplinary network of scientists, physicians, ethicists, lawyers, researchers and others, who share a common concern that, in welcoming new developments in technology, the dignity of the individual and the uniqueness of human nature is asserted from a UK, European and Global perspective.

Among recent initiatives, BioCentre has:

           Held conferences - in London, Brussels, Bratislava, Budapest - bringing together experts and leaders on all sides of key bioethics debates;

           Published books and papers on topics in bioethics;

           Developed partnerships and links with like-minded bodies;

           Networked academics, policy makers, scholars and political leaders.